Sunday, 19 January 2014

Exams are important: Concentrate! (I think not)

I feel like my head is going to burst! Argh! I have so many thoughts, all of them useless or of no importance when compared to my CA Final exams that more than half the time I catch myself day dreaming. Seriously! What is wrong with me! Okay, I thought I'd write everything down, clean the slate and start "understanding" Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics again. I wish I could just ponder and ponder and ponder all over again about all those unnecessary topics.

1. I am absolutely hooked to all the chic lit books that are on offer for free in epub or pdf format. Literally hooked. Why? Because chic lit books DO NOT require any use of the head. It is just plain read between the lines, skip a couple of pages, two hours later, bham! You are done with a 305 page book. Seriously, I'm reading Meg Cabot, Lucy Diamond, unknown authors! Oh, the Shopoholic series! I have The Godfather Returns with me, I've read some 15 pages of it and kept it aside. I do not wish to read anything heavy, as if my textbooks weren't heavy enough!

2. I can't stop thinking about travelling solo. I recently chanced upon this awesome WorkAway website (yes, good morning to me) where host families provide free accommodation and food. In turn, you need to work some 4 hours a day, 5 days a week; work as in help them out in whatever way they have listed on their profiles. It's amazing! My first solo trip IS going to be a workaway. Let me be honest, I do have a good amount of savings from my measly stipend, but all that is tucked away for other endeavours. My first solo trip sometime in September/October 2015! (Yeah, my 2014 trip has already been planned with my family, there's no turning back on that! All you lucky dogs, I'll be down South :P)

3. I have this HUGE, MAJOR and LUSTING crush on Jeff Lieberman. Jeff Lieberman? The guy who hosts Time Warp on Discovery Science? How can you not want that? I mean, him. And just how can someone who holds two B.S. degrees, two M.S. degrees and is currently pursuing a PhD and is also a cool science show host be Oh-So-Hot! And the show if fuck awesome!

 4. I am exercising diligently. I cannot say that I am able to control what I stuff myself with. But, yes, I do exercise regularly, even if I am bored. Twice a day for a total of 2 hours. Happy. Happy. Happy. :) And obsessing over my figure. :(

5. I am thoroughly enjoying reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on my computer. It is such a great show. So good. I don't think any show can ever beat it. Not even The Big Bang Theory or Suits or Two and a Half Men, especially since Charlie's been dead. Nope. And Chandler Bing, I love that guy :D Hooked!

 6. I read this book "Me Before You" that deals Dignitas. Well, deal as in, it's a chic lit book wherein Dignitas has been weaved into the story. Suffice to say, I read the first 70-80 pages, found it immensely depressing since I could confidently guess the ending, so, I read the last 3 pages. This got me thinking about suicide. No. No. Not what you think. As in, why people commit suicide. I'm not referring to Dignitas here. If you are physically or mentally ill, there is no chance of recovery and it is terminal, by all means, you have should have the right to put an end to your own suffering. Others have no say in it. I'm talking about people committing suicide for awful reasons like bad score, getting dumped, getting fired, having fights, not having anyone to lean on. What shit? I'm not saying you don't have a problem, you do, but deal with it instead of taking an easy way out. Come on, life ain't that bad. You have bad times now, you've had better times earlier, you've had great times too! At the end of the day, just hope that your parting words are "Life is beautiful" much like The Godfather. (Really, read that book. The movie is crap, in my opinion)

7. I am addicted to the TV and ShowBiz section of I don't know, it's just a nice soothing feeling to watch celebs go about their daily lives. Come on. i read the TOI for real news. Not that there's much.

Okay, I'm done. I'll be enjoying point 7 for a few minutes and return to studies. Happy Auditing to me. :(

Comments are most welcome!!

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