Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014, you are here!

I have to say, the most dreaded year is here. Dreaded, for me. Why? When I cleared by CA-Inter (in 2011) and started my internship, my attitude was "Woah! My CA Final is in 2014! There's lot of time!!"

And, it is here.

Oh, believe me, I am not all engrossed in my textbooks, grasping every straw of knowledge to become the penultimate Chartered Accountant. No, sir. I am watching reruns of Two and a Half men, The Big Bang Theory and having THE time of my life watching Romantic comedies while slowly trudging through my accountancy problems. It sucks. Big time. Not getting to focus on all the movies and series! Okay, fine, it also sucks not being able to focus completely on studying. Ah, screw it.

Anyway, HAPPY 2014, people!! Here's hoping that-

I clear CA Final exam in the first attempt

I thoroughly enjoy my last days of internship to the hilt!

Appa doesn't give me "the talk" regarding "age-factor-to-be-considered-for-marriage" and "why-marriage-is-oh-so-important"

Appa doesn't start his lecture on "how-important-it-is-for-a-girl-to-learn-how-to-cook" (I can cook maggi, pasta and pizzas. Anything else, we'll order!!)

Amma doesn't give me a lecture on "how-getting-married-and-having-kids-changed-my-life-for-the-better" and "You-are-so-immature!"

Amma doesn't say "Say your prayers and shlokas everyday or ummachi will kannu kuttify" (English: God will poke your eyes. Don't ask me why or how or to what end..)

I get to party all night and welcome 2015

I get to party all night and enjoy my birthday while simultaneously dread turning 23!

Paati doesn't go around introducing me to her friends giving me the tag of "eligible bachelorette" (believe me, I am not)

Completely strange families don't just turn up for "ponnu paatufying" (Hindi: ladki dekhna)

I get my own place and move out of my parent's place (FINALLY!)

I finally take a solo trip (FINALLY!)

I blog about better things & write better (uhh, I'll even add "and try to make money out of my writing")

If any of my cousins gets married, old aunties won't come up to me and say "next, nee thaan" (English: You are next!)

Nosy uncles and aunties don't ask me how much I earn (none of your concern!)

Well, can't think of anything else for the time being.

May you all have a happy 2014. May all your wishes and dreams (however wicked, nasty, dirty, delicious) come true! And may you majorly screw up all your resolutions so I have company! :D


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