Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Recharge your hair, recharge your life

As I walked into my parent's place, yelling orders to my junior over the phone as to what needed to be done with all those journal and bank vouchers, the family of three sitting on the family couch was completely out of my peripheral vision. I went to the balcony, got rid of my shoes and after hanging up the phone, came back to the living room, demanding a hot cup of filter coffee from Amma while continuously staring at my phone, checking out my messages. Considering the silence that followed, I was made to look up at five pairs of eyes staring at me with an amused expression. Mom, Dad and the aforementioned family of three. Suddenly, the woman in the red saree (not my Amma!) asked me "Do you remember me?" It was then my turn to stare at her blankly with my eyes darting from Amma to Appa to the aunty. Slowly I squeaked a "Umm.. no.. sorry!" And the aunty said "Ohhh!! How come! I came to your naming ceremony!" I kept a straight face with all the effort in the world, my hair coming in handy to an extent at covering my face. "Okayyy" I dragged on, gave a polite smile and tried to get away from the room to avoid the awkward conversation. Dad suddenly spoke up saying "Shreesha, meet the Iyengars, this is A" pointing at the cute guy sitting between his parents. I smiled and we shook hands.

After the predictable questionnaire from the other Mom and Dad Iyengar- Where do you work? (like my dad hasn't already told you!) How much do you earn? (even my parents don't know, why, oh, why would I tell you?) What all can you cook? (Pasta, coffee, sandwich and maggi, a wholesome meal, don't you think?) Why don't you stay with your parents? (Oh, my parents thought the restrictions and curfews were all done with and threw me out) What all shlokas do you know? (the Hanuman Chalisa, but, I'm agnostic) Gasp! (shrug) What all festivals do you like to celebrate? (ogling at fireworks at Diwali and partying and welcoming the new year) Party, gasp! (shrug) *awkward silence* Dad then said "Why don't you and A go out for coffee?" Having no other option about it, we take off to the nearest Cafe Coffee Day (my filter coffee all forgotten about). As we awkwardly made small talk, big talk, debated and agreed, we realized that we actually had a lot in common! Deciding to meet for dinner the next day, we hugged and left, me to my friend's place to gossip and him to my place to join his parents.

Fortunately for me, the next day, my parents decided to go to the Iyengar's place (the other Iyengars), I had the place to my self. By seven, I started to get ready and realized that, being the first date, him living in the States for the past couple of years, me watching too many romantic comedies and my "forward thinking" as Iyengar aunty put it, we might kiss. *Blush* I started to wonder how the kiss might be. Soft? Forceful? The Mills-and-Boons-hunk-kisses-damsel-in-distress type? Damn those romantic comedies! I took a beauty bath, shampooed and conditioned my hair and wore the classy dress I purchased that afternoon (black, slightly low cut, ending just above my knees). Just fyi, I let my hair down, no make up, just moisturizer, lip gloss, my awesome awesome dress and black stilettos.

We went to Pizza by the Bay, enjoyed great pasta, pizza, potato wedges and chocolaty pastry (damn my diet) and we walked down Marine Drive for a few hours. We really enjoyed all that "romance" with constant texts and calls from our Dads as to where we were. He dropped me off home in his car (chauffeur driven :D). He walked me inside the building and came into the elevator with me. As I hit the 14th floor button and the elevator doors closed, he put his hand at the back of my head, his fingers through my hair and kissed me. Oh, the passion. As the elevator pinged on the 14th floor, he released me and gave me a tight hug, wherein I simultaneously felt him take in the fragrance of my hair, letting out a soft moan. I detached from him, smiled, blushed and walked out thinking, had it not been for the Sunsilk recharge, how on Earth would my life (and my love life, if I may) have been recharged with this cute guy and my yummy first elevator kiss . The thought of A struggling to get his fingers out of my all tangled and dry hair is just makes me shudder!! Thank you, Sunsilk! :D
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