Sunday, 27 October 2013

Glug.. Glug.. Glug..

 Okay, disclaimer!

1. This post is about my drinking experiences. If drinking is a taboo for you or at the thought of drinking you do "Hai Tauba!!", then feel free to not read this post.

2. I do not think I'm cool just because I drink.

3. I am not an alcoholic. I've had just three drunk parties since I've turned 21. Just. Three.

4. Occasional drinkers cannot go "Glug.. Glug.. Glug.." .. Why can't we have proper smileys here!? :-/

5. Why the fuck am I explaining myself!?

Drunk One
So, this was my initiation. I had already tried beer, didn't like it as such. So, I wanted to get wasted. Three other friends and I met up at one of the girls'  place (alone.. shshshh!).. we got two bottles of Vodka and Blue Lemon syrup. And, well, we got drunk. Half a bottle down each, two of the girls were almost in their senses, this other girl, A and I were seriously out of our minds. Things I did:

1. Tried to break free from the in-proper-sense-girls and get out of the house and failed
2. Took my friend's face wash and poured it all over the place
3. Took my friend's talcum powder and sprayed it all over the place, their faces and their hair
4. Painted my friend's fingers with clear nail paint. Fingers. Not nails.
5. Begged my friend to do her boyfriend (they're waiting until marriage. I'm not judging!)
6. Surfed porn and made my friends watch it
7. Called and texted my other friends with whom things aren't rosy and talked shit
8. No, I did nothing illegal

Drunk Two
Went on a trip with my office people and got shit drunk. With Vodka and cranberry juice this time. Lots and lots of Cosmopolitan! Things I did:

1. Tried to get out of our rented cottage
2. Drank on an empty stomach with no snacks and had a terrible tummy ache
3. Got physically violent with the guys
4. Almost called Appa, fortunately reception was poor
5. Went into a dark room and kept exclaiming how dark things were in there and how scared I was
6. Poured my heart out regarding family matters to two other Tam Brahm girls, they really did get it. They were on the same boat!
7. Stole the bottle of whisky that the guys were hiding but they managed to pry it out of my hands
8. Sang Sutta loudly with this other girl
9. Managed successfully to stun the rest of my office people with my drunk behaviour. No standing ovation, please.

Drunk Three
Quite recently. With 3 other office girl I got drunk with the first time around (they are good friends now), one of the girls' brother, her boyfriend and the brother's boyfriend. Two more girls. We were a total of nine people. So, started off with Vodka. I had a bet that I wouldn't get drunk until very late. I controlled myself wonderfully and then just let myself go. Things I did:

1. Helped take care of a got-drunk-earlier-than-usual-friend
2. Downed whisky
3. Did not like whisky and somehow, during the mess of drinking it, spitting a little of it out, drinking it again and giving an awkward face, I broke a mug
4. Threw up in the kitchen sink
5. Kept falling down in the mess, had severe bruises on my arms and knees
6. Poured my heart out about Mr. Shreesha Iyengar! I hate my big mouth. The girls got some juicy piece of gossip about my life
7. Managed to get to work the next day, badly hungover, and it was a Sunday. I hadn't had any breakfast and went in late. Didn't feel well and threw up majorly at work. Fortunately, I managed to get myself locked in the bathroom just in time.

Well, there you have it. I want to read funny drunk stories from you guys. I know, my stories might not even be falling in the category of basic level crazy. But, hey, I had fun and this level of crazy is plenty as of now. My next drunk party will be next year, once I am done with my finals. Or maybe for my friend's housewarming in December. Can't wait! :D

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Something personal.. Everything stupid..

Hello!! I'm back! I was resting in this secret haven of mine called laziness and sheer boredom. Okay, what's new? Got done with my September work load, the October workload is being technically supervised by my senior, I'm the fun, entertaining, gets-to-go-home-early junior :D, November workload will befall me. Oh, hell, I'll think about it then. Random stuff, then? Thank you.

1. Mr. Shreesha Iyengar's girlfriend cheated on him and he came to yours truly for support. Now, well, I really don't want him. What can I say! He wants wife and kids and the perfect suburban family. I want fun.

2. Commuting these days is really easy considering work is only thirty minutes away!

3. I sleep at least 10 hours a day.

4. I've put on weight. Damn! And I've started exercising! I can still fit into my Size 30 jeans, though. :) Bitch, me.

5. Haven't read a book in a very, very long while. Very, very long.

6. My exams are starting on the 8th of November. :(

7. House and Cuddy had sex! Google them, nut case.

8. You know how I rant on my blog? Well, the one really honest reason why I haven't done it in a little over a month is I've changed. How? Well, I just don't care what people think. It's just a phase. If they are wrong, I tell them so, if they irritate me, I tell them so. No consideration for seniority or anything. I just do it. I'm having fun and my friends at work are having fun. I'll deal with such behaviour when the time comes. (read: when I get into trouble) :D

9. I got drunk a third time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Fact: Do not mix vodka and whisky. You. Will. Get. Sick. Or characters like me will be expected to work the next day, will get drunk the previous night and end up sick at work.

10. My internship ends September next year, during which, I'm on leave for about 5 months.. yayayayayyayay!!!

11. I still like numbering my points as opposed to paragraphs.

12. Have developed a complete addiction to "Kismi" toffees by Parle. Try it. If you generally like cardamom.

That's it. Not much. The normal old life. Good night :)

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