Saturday, 26 October 2013

Something personal.. Everything stupid..

Hello!! I'm back! I was resting in this secret haven of mine called laziness and sheer boredom. Okay, what's new? Got done with my September work load, the October workload is being technically supervised by my senior, I'm the fun, entertaining, gets-to-go-home-early junior :D, November workload will befall me. Oh, hell, I'll think about it then. Random stuff, then? Thank you.

1. Mr. Shreesha Iyengar's girlfriend cheated on him and he came to yours truly for support. Now, well, I really don't want him. What can I say! He wants wife and kids and the perfect suburban family. I want fun.

2. Commuting these days is really easy considering work is only thirty minutes away!

3. I sleep at least 10 hours a day.

4. I've put on weight. Damn! And I've started exercising! I can still fit into my Size 30 jeans, though. :) Bitch, me.

5. Haven't read a book in a very, very long while. Very, very long.

6. My exams are starting on the 8th of November. :(

7. House and Cuddy had sex! Google them, nut case.

8. You know how I rant on my blog? Well, the one really honest reason why I haven't done it in a little over a month is I've changed. How? Well, I just don't care what people think. It's just a phase. If they are wrong, I tell them so, if they irritate me, I tell them so. No consideration for seniority or anything. I just do it. I'm having fun and my friends at work are having fun. I'll deal with such behaviour when the time comes. (read: when I get into trouble) :D

9. I got drunk a third time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Fact: Do not mix vodka and whisky. You. Will. Get. Sick. Or characters like me will be expected to work the next day, will get drunk the previous night and end up sick at work.

10. My internship ends September next year, during which, I'm on leave for about 5 months.. yayayayayyayay!!!

11. I still like numbering my points as opposed to paragraphs.

12. Have developed a complete addiction to "Kismi" toffees by Parle. Try it. If you generally like cardamom.

That's it. Not much. The normal old life. Good night :)

Comments are most welcome!!

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