Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The little pleasures in life

When a really old shirt that was once tight, fits me perfectly

When I have lost even just a few grams of weight

When I have extra jalopenos in my pizza or veggie delight sub

When I have a lot of sweet onion sauce in my veggie delight sub

When my phone's screen is squeaky clean

When the views on my blog have increased significantly

When I find just the perfect shoes in the perfect fit

When I get a window seat in the bus or train

When the bus conductor gives me change for my Rs.500

When I get a lot of rice crispies and caramel in my butterscotch ice cream

When I complete two bottles of water

When I don't dirty my shoes the whole day (especially valid for school kids)

When I eat exceptionally healthy that one day

When I spot a senior-citizen-couple holding hands

When I spot a really small kid laughing madly

When I get a rickshaw without having to haggle/ fight/ threaten to call the cops

When people comment on my blog posts

When I realized that Russell Peters is coming to India (it turned to instant sadness when I saw that the Mumbai show was sold out)

When I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and laugh and end up with a belly ache

When my balance sheet tallies (You accountancy nerds, you got it, right?)

When I am able to cross the Sakinaka junction in under 60 seconds (Sakinaka Junction, Andheri has NO pedestrian crossing signals) (Mumbaikars who frequent Andheri, you know what I'm talking about!)

When I just escape a pot hole/ crater on the road with my vehicle

When rickshaw walas/ cab walas/ shopkeepers say "You're welcome" or "Welcome" to my "Thank you!"

When I leave the office very very early, do not inform my boss and get away with it

When that guy I have a crush on, smiles at me <3 <3

When that friend of mine breaks up with the guy I knew was wrong for her and even told her so and I control myself from yelling "I told you so, bitch!"

When I know that I can call my friends "bitch!" and flirt endlessly with my guy friends and yet get away with it

When I know that my friends will vouch for me if my parents ever doubt me of "bad habits"-- read smoking/ drinking/ having a boyfriend

When I close a book and have a smile plastered across my face for hours

When I realize that I'm in love with the protagonist of the book I'm reading

Really long list, eh? When I make lists and they look awesome! :D

When I have a dreamless night of sleep and wake up fresh (allow me to assure you, it hardly ever happens!)

When I end my posts with a Bye-bye! :) and someone says "It's nice how you lambasted eight of your sore points, and then have the grace to sign out with a gentle goodbye and an emoticon :D"

Good night, people! :) :) 

Comments are most welcome!!

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