Sunday, 24 March 2013

Book Review: Size 12 is Not Fat

Size 12 is Not Fat

The book screams: chic-lit, chic-lit, chic-lit!!!

Yes, it is a chic-lit book. I won't deny it. But, it was a pleasant read nevertheless. This, mainly because I started reading this book right after 4 weeks of the Harry Potter saga (Yes, I love the series. Yes, I've got a humongous crush on Ronald Weasley. <3) Anyway, I do have plans of writing reviews on the HP saga, but, more on that later.

Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot is every fat girl or former fat girl's book. A few sentences repeated often in the book:

  1. Size 12 is not fat, it is the size of the average American woman
  2. Not dorm, sorry, Residence Hall
  3. Girls don't elevator surf
Dear Author,
  1. It's not just the size of the average American woman. It also happens to be the size of women from yours truly's country! Yes, I was average once, it doesn't matter. I totally get it. I totally support the protagonist, sorry, you, your thoughts.
  2. I get it, saying Residence Hall makes the children feel more home-y, if you will, however, saying it in every other page, I got plain annoyed! I mean, seriously, I get it. The protagonist has a sieve for memory, I don't blame her, I'm just saying. The repetitions are avoidable!
  3. Eh! This was to support the story line. I don't have a problem with this line.
Anyway, the book is well written. Contains a tiny amount of suspense for a chic-lit novel. If you are a Jeffrey Archer/ Robin Cook/ Sidney Sheldon fan, you will definitely look through it in a heart beat.

Heather Wells, for teen pop star is a Size 12 and is NOT FAT. She lives with her ex-boyfriend's brother (Mind you, they're only friends even though she wants to take him down, every time she sees him and tear his clothes apart with her teeth) and works at the New York College's dorm. I mean, Residence Hall (See, I remember). Two girls die in two weeks' time. Who's next? Why, Heather Wells, of course. But, who would want her dead? Her ex, Jordan, her boss, Rachel, her colleagues, Magda or Sarah, her best friend, Patty, the Vice President? Someone is keen to get her out of their way in order to attain their ambition in life.

It is a quick read. I mean, my e-book was only 217 pages. I finished it in 5 hours (cumulative, split into 3 days.) It's an easy read, easy language. All in all, a very light read, just what you need at the end of a crappy work day with a steaming mug of coffee!

Happy Reading!

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