Thursday, 28 March 2013

Book Review: Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon

This would be the third Sidney Sheldon book I have read and I am loving it! Sidney Sheldon's writing style, to me, is very similar to that of Jeffrey Archer's. In what way, you ask? The sense of thrill that they instill in the reader. They way they capture the audience so much so that keeping the book down (in this case the tab containing the e-book) is very very difficult. Some people say other books of Sheldon's are his best works, I personally don't care. He surely has won my heart over!

Oliver Russell is a power hungry man who would stoop to many levels to achieve his political goals. Of course, the one man who makes President Russell move like a puppet is Senator Todd Davis, aka his father in law. Peter Tager, the Senator's ever present, ever loyal assistant is there for Russell as well. He is a family man and a devout Christian, loved by all.
Leslie Stewart, the owner of a newspaper giant is hell bent on destroying President Russell's life. He is not, according to her, fit for running the country. Co-incidentally, when Oliver Russell takes office in the White House, a series of murders take place. It certainly does not paint a pretty picture when all the facts point to the President of the United States, Oliver Russell. And who is to uncover this case but Dana Evans, Washington Tribune's Foreign Correspondent and the reason for the downfall of an empire?

The book is wonderful, in my opinion.


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