Saturday, 16 March 2013

Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids!

Back in school, getting my hair braided by Amma was part of the routine. Everyday at 0630 Appa made me sit on the floor, he sat on the sofa and he used to apply Keo Karpin Oil on my hair. "Mudi nalla vasanaya irrukanam," he used to say (Read: Your hair should be ever-fragrant.) Next was Amma's turn. She braided my hair and completed it by saying "Evlao nanna irruku illa ivalodu mudi?" (Read: She has such lovely hair, doesn't she?)

If the above scene didn't happen, it had to be a different day.

I remember, I used to want to braid my hair, just like Amma. My sibling was my hamster. One day, Amma was indisposed. All bright eyed and bushy tailed, I braided my hair, high, almost above my ears. It came out beautifully (Yes, it did). I used Dove Shampoo and my hair looked "silky" (the school girl term for un-oiled hair) and had a nice fall. And, well, what happened at school? In an instant everybody came to know that Amma hadn't braided my hair that day and had to endure a whole lot of "There goes the braided pony!"

Aaahh, my Amma's still the Master Braid-er!

Now-a-days, who has the time? Meeting my parents is a weekly activity. Oiling my hair is a big question mark when I am rushing all the time! Not only did my hair look all crooked (thanks to the split ends), well, my hair fled my scalp! Which is where Dove Split End Rescue System came to my rescue. It replaced my Amma's daily oil and braid routine on a daily basis (yes, even Amma was impressed), giving my hair the necessary nutrients and keeping it as it was in school. It makes my hair looked untouched :) :)

Girls, (and, well, boys with long hair,) Never Split Ever!


  1. Our busy lives have robbed us of all the good times haven't they?

    Best of luck for the contest :)

  2. Indeed they have. Thank you. :) :)