Monday, 4 August 2014

I'm irritated, frustated, annoyed and DONE!

It doesn't take much to get me irritated these days. That is, when I'm busy numbing my brain and you walk in and create a mess of it by making me think. 8th August is the doomsday. I'm trying NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT. And you do such random, irritating and frustrating acts that, I swear, I want to strangle you! For my own peace of mind, I am going to let all that hatred out. Right here; right now. Every little thing that annoys me comes out now and my head stays in peace. Hopefully. *I'm not the one to let go!*

When you burp and fart loudly, you make me feel disgusted. I want to do nothing more than gut you. Let me enjoy my Dominos pizza in peace.

A white shirt goes well with blue denims. It's simple, yes, but looks elegant. Quit bugging me. You asked for my opinion, I gave it to you. You asked for it. BLOODY HELL, TAKE IT.

When you ramble on about the new procedures to be adopted for tax audit this season and my stomach is grumbling in response, it's two hours past my lunch time and I'm hungry. Just because I sit there in dignified silence doesn't mean I respect you. I respect the germs in the toes of my feet MORE. I just want my internship coursework papers signed this week and to be let go of FOR GOOD!

Just because I fuck you over, leave you in a mess for 15 days (on purpose) doesn't mean you can make me stay for however long you want. Fuck you, this is between the Institute and me, you are just the dummy signing authority.

When you make me wait two hours for lunch, don't let me go to Pizza Hut and fake smile me into eating the a sandwich (which is bloody soggy from keeping it as it is for an hour) and roadside potato chips, I hate you even more. You made me miss my grape sangria, cheese garlic bread and their pasta/pizza with lots of oregano in it. I. Hate. You.

When you look like one of those prostitutes depicted in the movie Jab We Met and you stand in front of the mirror for 25 minutes (no exaggeration; no kidding) and keep "grooming" yourself, I'm sorry, you still end up looking like you did before. NOT GOOD. I have this deep seated urge to yell "Oh! My eyes! My eyes!" after looking at you. And when you talk! Oh my God! That accent! That English! That.. That.. My 6 year old niece speaks better. And lose the accent, bitch!

People call you their "washroom buddy"/"bathroom buddy".. Seriously, get a life! Outside the washroom!

So, this TamBrahm guy was bullshitting (not a word!) and casually said that you (a TamBrahm girl) were called beautiful by his mom. He even told me that family talks were on for him and some other girl. When you start taking him seriously and say "I'll have a personal chat with him later to know whether what he told was true" I have an issue with it because we are close and you are making a fool of yourself. He wasn't indirectly proposing you and neither was his mom. You look beautiful and are the quintessential TamBrahm girl. THERE IS NO READING IN BETWEEN THE LINES. Get over it.

You are my soul-sister. I am super glad I met you. Something you should know about me. I am really freaked out right now. You keep buzzing me. I am not used to it.You made me meet your mom. HELLO! We've known each other 15 days! And your blog is depressing. I am practically at the door! Soul-sisters! Am I like that? Shit! You made me think. Argh!

You are loud, talk shit and you also said "Harry Potter sucks!". Save your breath for someone else, you are already in my ignore list. Oh! And I know it was you who wrote "You have an attitude problem" in the fish pond game.

Believe me when I say this, I don't have a problem that you smoke and drink. We have fun! I didn't know you had a girlfriend (then again, we'd known each other only two weeks). Nevertheless, we do have fun. Hope we can continue that. You are a good guy. Forget about the should-have-been part of life. Enjoy it now.

You! You have no control over what you speak. None whatsoever! "Kaccha" is NOT a word that you use in a Group Discussion. That's a strict no. And yet, I find you adorable. You are cute. :P

And you! Master bowler! You kept getting strikes while I kept getting the left gutter. Good guy, completely unpredictable. I had great fun with you. I keep having doubts whether I have a crush on you. But, I don't know. I really don't.

You are 22 years old! And you are getting married! Just because the guy wants to get married before he turns 30 next year! You are regretting it and you need to stop it! Please. Don't be stupid. YOU of all the people in this world!

Enough with the marriage and the jathagam and the Nakshatram talks. I'm sick of listening to it all the time. I am yet to turn 23 and people can't stop talking about marriage. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM IN LIFE?

You tell me one more time about 8th August and I will not be responsible for my actions.

You are a 40 year old woman. Sure I consider you a friend, but, you are not my mother. You are a friend who is practically double my age and may never be on the same wavelength as me. You are conservative and traditional in your approach. Do not advice me on how I should proceed with things WHEN I DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR ANY! I hug my friends, even guy friends, SO WHAT? They don't take it otherwise, I don't and NEITHER SHOULD YOU. It's none of your business. Stay away.

Aye Aye Aye! I thought we could work things out. Ego is such a bitch, I tell you. I tried to not bring mine into the picture and you never tried to get yours away from the it. We're done even before we started. You are an asshole. Probably never lovers. It'll take time for you to realize that. Back to being best friends?

You give her a hard time, never make things easy for people and are intrusive. You know and I know what I want for you.

And I'm not done. But, done for now. Good night, people!

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