Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Moral of The Story Is...!

The Moral of The Story Is...!

Among all of them, one of my seniors was the luckiest. He got a chance to go to Agra for an audit! We were so ecstatic. Why? Because outstation audits not only meant having to work 14 hours a day, it also meant 3 days of roaming the town, taking in the culture of the romantic city (and bringing yummy treats for us kids, I mean, interns!) Not that he was a die hard romantic. So, off he went! Work progressed very well indeed and he returned in two weeks time. And, lo behold! What did he get from Agra? The very very famous "Agra ka petha!" I had never tried it before. I was a little doubtful, I should add. So I took a tiny piece and instantly fell head over heels in love with it. I managed to escape the office with the dabba still half full. Yes, I am notorious that way.

I was then happily munching it sitting sneakily in the corridor when it hit me! My lower set of teeth to the left, hurt like crazy. Really, really bad. Another bite of petha and ouch! Ultimately, I had to take a pause, return to the office (and sadly, return the dabba). I made an appointment with my dentist very (a cute one, mind you!). Guess what might the problem be? Why, cavity, of course! I was also mournfully informed that I had swollen gums and that gum problems to create havoc in the mouth. I was asked whether my gums ever bled. Honestly, that was the moment when realization dawned about the slight metallic tang of blood that I could taste every once in a while! And here I was, thinking I had a wonderful supply of blood to my gums, which, incidentally, I also thought was good for my mouth. Oh, boo-hoo indeed. I am sad to admit that I am one of those people who used to be highly ignorant about their health. Again, mind you, used to be. Having crooked teeth makes them all the more prone to various problems (that I don't know of, and quite frankly, I am happy to be ignorant about).

I was then asked by my dentist to brush my teeth regularly with Colgate Total- Pro Gum Health for 4 weeks. He assured me wonderful results in 4 weeks post which, I was asked to use Colgate Cavity Protection so that I can have many more happy and ecstatic petha days! Speak about your health problems. I spoke about mine, it has helped immensely. 2 weeks into this programme and I am feeling blessed already (by the makers of petha, and Colgate!) Outside intervention is good (especially when your dentist is oh! so cute! and Colgate toothpastes oh! so tasty!)

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