Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Recipe: Home made Pizza

Yes! I tried my hand at cooking! Well, not really. But close.


Things required:
Monginis brown pizza base 

Chopped onions

Chopped capsicum/ bell peppers

Chopped garlic cloves (6 small ones)

Amul Cheese cubes

Cheese spread

Nutralite butter

Tomato ketchup
Red chilly sauce

1 tava


1. Mix tomato ketchup, red chilly sauce and the chopped garlic cloves together (my version of the pizza sauce since it was unavailable in the supermarket).

2. Take the pizza base and apply the Nutralite cheese spread on it.

3. Apply the home made pizza sauce on the pizza base.

4. Add the chopped onions and capsicum on the pizza base, on top of the layer of cheese spread and pizza sauce.

5. Grate 1 Amul cheese cube on it, covering the vegetables completely.

6. Switch the stove on, place the tava on it.

7. Apply Nutralite butter on the tava and place this pizza on it.

8. Cover it, place the flame on low and let the pizza get nice and crisp, the vegetables cook slightly and let the cheese melt.

9. Once you are certain the pizza is to your liking, place it on a plate, cut it as you like and enjoy!

*Note: Once I covered the pizza with grated cheese, I sprinkled oregano seasoning on it, I love that taste*


Happy munching! :)

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