Sunday, 7 April 2013

Book Review: Mr. Maybe by Jane Green

Mr. Maybe
Jane Green

This book is your average chic lit novel. Predictable, of course. But, readable, nevertheless. Mr. Maybe has been authored by Jane Green and published by Penguin.

Libby, a PR agent is on the lookout for a man. Since PR doesn't pay much, she wants a handsome, successful and rich guy so that she can marry him, have kids and have a happy life. Cliche of cliches? Yes. Her choice in men has been awful. Hence, she decides on a fling with her friend's friend Nick, super gorgeous and super sexy with not a penny to his name. They start hanging out together. But, the deal remains intact, no relationship, only sex. But, things take a turn when they start falling for each other. Surprise, surprise. When things start getting serious, he dumps her. She sulk, mourns, cries and finally meets Ed McMahon, one of britain's most eligible bachelors. Super rich, investment banker, who is super keen on Libby. As things progress, they get engaged. He is in love with her and she is in love with the prospect of her being a rich man's wife, not having to work and having unlimited money to spend. But, circumstances lead her to have second thought.

The feel is much like that in Can You Keep a Secret? It is fun. There are many laugh out loud moments. In my opinion, the protagonist is shallow, materialistic and ultimately wants a man who is rich and who can provide for her. Isn't that typical? I thought we were past all that sh*t! I, personally, did not connect with Libby. She is too dependent, too conservative in her thinking, too.. you get the gist!  Independence (financial or otherwise) is last on her mind. I don't like that. All in all, an average read. Yes, you do get to laugh heartily at certain junctures.

Rating: 2.5/5

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