Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Book Review: Lone Eagle by Danielle Steel

Lone Eagle
Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel books are basically of the romance genre. They're easy to read and a no-brainer. Seriously. Lone Eagle is no different. The theme is basically the same. Boy and girl fall in love, there are heart breaks, separations and what not! Name it and you have it! All the drama prevalent in a typical Indian movie/ serial is available here, only the location and language is different!

Joe Allbright, an aviation enthusiast and Kate Jamison, a beautiful, fiesty girl meet for the first time when she is 17. There are instant sparks. But, nothing happens since both have childhood and trust issues. But, fate brings them together. Fate also brings in World War II into the picture (rather, the author does). Joe is shipped off to Europe to fight the war. Kate goes off to college and meets Andy Scott, her best friend. Although, he falls in love with her. Kate doesn't accept Andy's moves. Joe returns from war and they start a life together, only, he is not ready to get married or have children. Thus starts the emotional turmoil extending 20+ years of Kate, Joe and Andy.

One thing that I find annoying while reading Steel's books are that the sentences are often repeated in some way or the other. Again and again. That seems to be the only way she makes sure that her books are 300+ pages long! Anyway, if you are a diehard romantic, you might as well give this book a go.

Rating: 2.5/5

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