Monday, 14 January 2013

The Awesomest Person EVER : Mother

A mother's job is the toughest in the world. Hands down. No argument. Here's a typical day of a Homemaker Mum's life in Mumbai.

A homemaker with two kids:
So, she has two kids, one is in school, the other in college, also doing an internship. How does the day look?
05:30am : Wake up & freshen up
05:35am : Boil milk and get started with cooking for packing lunch and breakfast
05:45am : Wake up the elder kid for college
06:10am : Pack breakfast and lunch for the elder kid
06:15am : See the elder kid off, have coffee and browse the newspaper
06:30am : Wake up the younger kid and startpacking lunch box for the younger one
06:45am : Wake husband up
06:50am : Once the lunch is packed, prepare coffee for hubby & mom in law
07:00am : Browse newspaper again
07:15am : Hubby and wife decide what to pack him for lunch
07:20am : See the younger kid off and start cooking for hubby
07:50am : Start packing hubby's lunch and ask what he wants for breakfast
07:55am : Start preparing breakfast for hubby & mom in law (at times, different dishes)
08:15am : Serve hubby & mom in law breakfast
08:30am : See the husband off
08:35am : Put the clothes in the washing machine
08:45am : Clean the kitchen and keep things ready for the maid
09:00am : Maid arrives, supervise her work
09:45am : Maid leaves, go for taking a shower
10:00am : All freshened up, commense Puja
10:15am : Have a small cup of coffee and browse the newspaper
11:00am : Attend to paying of bills, cleaning the house here and there and other misc household chores
11:30am : Start preparing for lunch
12:30pm : Once lunch is all made, switch the TV on
12:40pm : Feed mother in law
01:00pm : Have lunch and watch TV simultaneously
01:30pm : Keep lunch ready for the younger kid
02:00pm : Younger kid returns home
02:10pm : Sit for lunch with the younger kid
02:45pm : Get the kid ready for classes
02:55pm : Send the kid to class & start tidying up the kitchen
03:30pm : Boil milk for coffee
03:45pm : Coffee for self and mother in law
04:00pm : Random discussions/arguments/fights with mom in law
04:30pm : Start folding up the clothes that were put for drying
05:00pm : Younger kid returns
05:10pm : Start preparing snacks for the kid
05:45pm : Feed the child
06:00pm : Start preparing dinner (since elder child has dinner immediately after coming home)
06:30pm : Elder child returns
06:40pm : Serve the elder child coffee
07:00pm : Serve the elder child dinner
07:30pm : Husband returns home
07:40pm : Serve the husband coffee
07:45pm : Start dinner preparations
08:30pm : Assemble everybody at the dining table, switch TV off
09:00pm : Dinner over, clean the table and kitchen
09:30pm : Boil milk
09:40pm : Serve everybody milk
09:50pm : Get ready for bed
10:00pm : Watch TV
10:30pm : Go to sleep

This is no easy feat.

And when the Mother is a working professional, the added burden of professional duties, responsibilities and deadlines is in picture. I know. My mom has been a high achieving working professional for 25 years and now she is a home maker. I'd like to see her relax under my care, enjoying time with my Dad. I know I cannot do both work and family together. So, family (as in, husband, kids) is the last thing on my list. Priority list:
1. Career
2. Parents & Sibling

It ends there.

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