Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Reader's Digest, I love thy jokes!

I have to say this. I LOVE RD! I have been a big fan ever since mum introduced me to them.

So, the January, 2013 issue of RD (India) has this one joke (all of them are great, this one joke had mum and me laughing for hours on end):

Page 52
Humour Editor Andy Simmons has his own book Now that's Funny, filled with jokes, anecdotes, essays and interviews from his nine years at RD.
Favourite dolt who reminds me that I am smarted than atleast one person:
Londoner X arrived home to find her husband, Y, in front of a mirror "just staring at himself, his pupils tiny." Y, a newly trained hypnotist, had accidentally hypnotized himself while rehearsing a new act and had been standing like that for five hours." 
I'm still laughing :) Hopefully, so will you.


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