Tuesday, 4 June 2013

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

As I drove down the winding road, I kept thinking how exciting life had turned out to be. I never thought I would be one of those people who get to live their dream. My dream was to earn a living doing what I love the most, travelling. Lucky? Yes. Hardworking? Yes. As I reached the turning, my phone bleeped. Stopping the vehicle and taking my phone in hand, I realized it was my Mum. Yeah, she keeps worrying about me. You know, the usual worries, a girl is travelling all over the world alone, she is at an age where girls usually get married and have kids and yet, this girl (moi!) is not tamable. Oh, well. We chatted about nothing in particular, mainly about the doings at home, my doings at various places, health and miscellaneous, unimportant items. It's amazing how we keep in touch so very often without having to spend not more than a fraction of my mobile bill! The technology of WeChat I tell you!

I then reached my destination and checked into the hotel. As I settled in my room, I turned on the TV and saw that The Due Date was on. Gosh! I love Robert Downey Jr.I don't even know when I fell asleep. But, what I can tell you is my dream. I dreamed that I had Robert Downey Jr on WeChat and the fun time I had! Want some dreamy gossip? He told me how he loved acting and wooing women. He finds his children very adorable and at the first opportunity, he'd leave his wife for me! Aaaahh!! Talk about wishful thinking.

As I went down for breakfast the next day, I saw an old couple holding hands at the breakfast table. Yes, I love it when older couples do PDA. It warms me to think they still have all that passion left. One startling thing I noticed was that the man looked like my paternal grandfather I lost when I was 10. My heart ached to realize that he didn't live long enough to see what I have become. If only I could WeChat with him, I'd tell him how the little, naughty, mischievous Shreesha has now become so well accomplished. I remember how he used to yell at me all the time. The destructive child that I was, he was afraid of the little sibling's well being. If he could see me now, I know for a fact that he would support me in all my decisions and be the strongest pillar of support never (ever?) known to me.

After a King's breakfast, I gathered up my things and went for a stroll out in the open. A little while along the road, I spotted the office building of Tata Communication Services. What a magnificent structure and what excellent business! I am just going to say it. I love Ratan Tata. Yes, I do. And if I could WeChat with him, I'd like to discuss his life, his career progression, his baby (the Tata Companies, don't get any wild ideas), and so much more! I don't think I can even tell you what all I would talk to him about. One sure shot explanation that I would require from him is how he was about to get married 4 times, to whom and why didn't it happen. Ahan!

Diving into my thoughts was my phone. I got a ping. From him. Yes, my boyfriend, my lover, my partner, all mine. "I miss you babe" he had texted me. I took it at face value, you know, double meaning. I gave a devilish smile to myself and texted him back "You are in for a yummy night." Hmm, the naughty night that was awaiting us, all thanks to WeChat. Oh, please, everyone thinks of doing it, I am the only one saying it out loud. And, as it is, you know subtlety is not my best feature.

WeChat helps you remain connected with anyone, anywhere! This video will be more helpful.

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